Selecting a Property

Application Process

Drivers Licence 40 points Other Photo ID 20 points Current Vehicle Registration 10 points
Passport 40 points Recent Wage Advice 30 points Bank/Credit Card Statement 10 points
Birth Certificate 20 points Previous Tenancy History-Ledger 30 points Telephone/Electricity/Gas Acct 10 points
18+ Card 30 points Previous four rent receipts 20 points Pension/Health Care Card 10 points

Agency Process

As your Application is a high priority, we will endeavour to have an answer to you within 48 hours, but will advise you if it will be longer due to delays in reaching your contacts.

Information verification by our agency:
To verify your Application information we contact Tenancy Databases eg TICA & Barclays. If you have had a problem with a previous Tenancy, please discuss the circumstances with us. We also contact your Employer/HR Manager, current & previous Agent/Lessor and personal referees.

If Application is not accepted:
If your Application is not accepted by the Lessor, it will be retained for one (1) month and then destroyed securely to comply with Privacy Legislation.

If Application is accepted:
If your Application is accepted by the Lessor, you are required to pay an amount equivalent to two (2) weeks rent and/or the full Bond amount and sign the
General Tenancy Agreement, Terms and any Special Terms within 24 hours of notification of acceptance.

Rent payment method options:
BPay, Direct Debit or Phone Banking Or
DEFT are accepted as rent payment methods. Our Agency uses the services of DEFT and the cost to the Tenant if this service is accepted will be $0.85 cents Per transaction Plus Credit Card Fees If Applicable. Dishonour fees are estimated to be $15.00 CASH IS NOT AN OPTION.

If Approved

Arrange the following services by completing our Agency Utility Connection Form available from Reception or arrange personally:


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